Mama’s Chicken Soup

1 Whole Organic Chicken
6-8 celery stalks
6-8 whole carrots, peeled
1 med to large onion
A small bunch of Italian parsley
2 TBSP of Sea Salt (to taste)
1 TBSP of black pepper
2 TSP of White pepper

Cut up the carrots, celery, onion and parsley. Put it aside.

In a narrow, tall pot, place a washed whole chicken in with enough water to cover the top of the chicken. Add the salt and pepper. Cook with the lid on on medium to high heat for 1 hour. Remove the whole chicken and place it on a cutting board. Strain the liquid and transfer it a clean pot. Add the carrots, celery, onion and parsley to the liquid and cook on low to medium heat. In the meantime, debone the chicken and remove the skin. As you work, transfer the meat back into the pot. Cook for another hour on medium heat.

Serves 10-12 people.

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