Pàst’e Fasùle (Pasta e Faggioli)

1 large yellow onion – chopped coarsely
approx 48 oz Cannelini (White kidney) Beans (canned or fresh but soaked in water overnight)
32 oz Chicken Stock
1/2 cup of pureed tomatoes or tomato sauce (see recipe)
1/2 doz large basil leaves
1/2 sprigs Italian parsley
2 TBSP sea salt
2 TBSP black pepper
1 TSP Crushed red pepper

parmesan cheese

Soak beans in water overnight and drain
(Or use cans of presoftened beans if you wish – just be careful of sodium content)
Put 1/4 inch of Olive Oil on the bottom of the soup pan –
Heat pan on medium heat
Add chopped onion to warmed oil. Let onions cook to become transparent. (If they are browning, the heat is too high)
Add Chicken stock
Add beans
Add tomatoes or sauce
Add basil and parsley
Add salt, pepper and red pepper to taste.

Cook on low to medium heat for 45 mins, stirring occasionally, until beans are completely soft.
You can add some small pasta (like farfalline or pastina) in the soup if you like or eat it without it.

Serve with a couple tsps of parmesan cheese atop.

Serves 6 people

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