8 cups of basil leaves, cleaned
3-4 medium sized cloves of garlic
1/4 cup of raw pine nuts (pignoli)
1 tsp sea salt
1/4- 1/3 cup of imported grated parmigiano cheese
2-3 cups of Olive Oil.
1 lb of pasta

Pour 1 cup of olive oil into a blender and add the basil leaves a little at a time. Keep adding the oil to keep the mixture blended, but don’t let it get overly loose. When all the basil is blended, add 3 garlic cloves, salt and pine nuts. Blend it. Garlic cloves vary in size, so it’s hard to measure. I always taste it. If it needs more garlic, add the last clove.

Boil water for pasta in a large sauce pan. When water is at a full boil, add tortellini and a tbsp of sea salt. Stir gently. Add two small ladles of pasta water to three ladles of pesto in a bowl. Strain pasta and place in the bowl. Sprinkle parmigiano and mix together.


You will have left over pesto to put on any kind of pasta. The best way to keep it is to put it in a ziplock baggie and lay it flat in the freezer. When you cook pasta, just break off a frozen piece of pesto and put it in a mixing bowl. Spoon a couple spoonfuls of the hot pasta water into the bowl and put the warm, strained pasta in the bowl. Mix it around. Add cheese.

Make it with love for the ones you love.

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