The new year brings hope for the chance to start over, to renew our resolutions to be better, exercise more, be kinder to our fellow humans, fix our flaws inside and out and basically delude ourselves into thinking we will. By February, we are usually back to our old flawed, undisciplined selves again, laughing at the gagdets, gym memberships and other things we bought or subscribed to in order to feed our delusions of self improvement. But why do we fall down so fast?

The truth is we all have hope, we hope for the chance to make things better every January 1st. It is not our hope that is flawed. It is our execution. Once reality becomes more apparent than hope, the fantasy of somehow shedding 15 pounds, being nicer to your parents or children or whatever you resolved sets in, and we give up because it becomes difficult. Why do we magically think that somehow this year it will be easier to achieve our goals? That’s where our delusions set in. Che stupidagine!

Without the resolve to complete your task, however difficult, there is no chance of success. Nothing is accomplished by giving up when the going gets tough, and the going always gets tough. That’s life. As the French say, “C’est la vie. C’est la guerre.” (That’s life. That’s war.) Meaning, life is a constant battle. Success is only achieved by a determined “stick-to-it-iveness”. If you don’t stick to it, you won’t achieve it. Period.

My resolution this year is to lose 10 pounds, to write more posts on this site, and to have more patience. I always have trouble with the last one. I am, after all, Sicilian. But one can never have too much patience in life, so I figure, no matter how much I have improved, I can always improve more.

I plan to stick to my resolutions this year. How about you?

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